Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director develops and implements initiatives, policies and strategies to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for coordinating efforts with the Board of Directors, committee members and Chamber Ambassadors.


Minimum Qualifications:


  1. High School Diploma
  2. Demonstrated management, leadership, public relations and marketing skills
  3. Ability to manage people, volunteers and projects in an efficient manner


Preferred Qualifications:


  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Experience related to tourism, economic development and workforce development
  3. Experience with graphic design and web development
  4. Grant Writing
  5. Prior experience working or being involved with a Chamber of Commerce or other non-profit organization


Duties & Responsibilities:


  1. Manage the Chamber office (see Section 8.B.).
  2. Represent the Chamber at community activities; maintain relationships with other Chambers, tourism, economic development and political leaders across the region and state.
  3. Contact members and prospective members of the Chamber; ensure successful member retention.
  4. Assist the Chamber Board of Directors and committees in accomplishing their objectives and perform other related functions as may be assigned and approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. Act as a liaison with the Board of Directors and maintain the respect and confidence of the Board, individually and collectively.
  6. Maintain continuity and consistency in programming under the direction of a roster of Board Officers that changes annually.
  7. Attend Ambassador meetings as a resource and provide guidance as necessary.
  8. Work closely with local organizations (e.g. City of Jerome, Jerome 20/20, Southern Idaho Tourism and Southern Idaho Economic Development.
  9. Plan and ensure events (e.g. Golf Scramble, Holidayfest, Christmas in Jerome, Chamber Luncheons and Business After Hours) are successful.


Specific Accountabilities:


  1. Membership Maintenance:
    1. The Executive Director will direct all membership solicitation efforts of the organization, including the solicitation of prospective new members and will oversee records pertinent to membership building and retention. The Executive Director will prepare and maintain reports concerning membership for the Officers and Directors and will supervise all correspondence to members regarding membership status, due dates or other membership information. The Executive Director will contact all delinquent members for renewal of membership.
    2. The Executive Director will maintain a constantly updated membership roster and membership directory on the Chamber’s website.


  1. Member and Public Relations:
    1. The Executive Director will prepare a weekly newsletter that will be emailed to members. This newsletter will inform the membership of any Chamber related news, upcoming community events and Chamber member updates.
    2. The Executive Director will also maintain and update the Chamber’s website and social media accounts.
    3. The Executive Director will prepare or direct the preparation of all correspondence. All correspondence, news releases or public statements that apply to significant policy matters will be reviewed by the President or Board of Directors prior to release.
    4. The Executive Director will develop and maintain relationships with Jerome Chamber of Commerce Members to better understand and support their needs. The resources that may assist growing or struggling Chamber members.


  1. Economic Development:
    1. The Executive Director will work to retain existing businesses and expand opportunities for new businesses in partnership with Jerome 20/20.
    2. The Executive Director will act as a liaison and assist the City of Jerome, Southern Idaho Economic Development and Jerome 20/20 in promoting and attracting new businesses and provide any resources those organizations might need in their economic development efforts.


  1. Community Development and Local Marketing
    1. The Executive Director will generate enthusiasm for the community and associated community activities. By networking with other community organizations, the Executive Director will determine the need for Chamber involvement in their activities. As a liaison for City and County Offices and the School District, the Chamber can be a source of support and informational link for their activities and needs. The Chamber will also be the leading voice regarding revitalization and beautification projects in Jerome.


  1. Representation
    1. The Executive Director will represent the Chamber of Commerce with the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Idaho Chamber Alliance, Southern Idaho Economic Development, Southern Idaho Tourism, Business Plus and any other organizations as instructed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will also be involved in local and state government and act as a liaison for businesses. When appropriate, the Executive Director will advise the Board of Directors on pertinent issues that could impact the community or the Chamber members.


  1. Information/Visitor Center
    1. The Executive Director will ensure that the Chamber office serves as a clearing house of information about the local area including maintaining a ready supply of handouts and pamphlets. The Executive Director shall handle outside inquiries about the business and industrial potential of the Jerome area.


  1. Fundraising
    1. The Executive Director will ensure that all Chamber fundraisers (e.g. Golf Scramble, Holidayfest, and others as set by the Board of Directors) are planned and executed properly and that all fundraisers are successful. Fundraisers are a vital part of the Chamber’s annual operating budget.


  1. Administrative Duties
    1. Financial: The Executive Director will participate in the preparation of the annual budget in conjunction with the Executive Officers and the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will keep track of all expenditures and will present them to the President of the Board for approval. The Executive Director will present a monthly financial report to the Board of Directors as to the current financial position of the Chamber in relation to the approved budget.
    2. Office Policy: The Executive Director will manage the Chamber office, ensuring that Chamber office hours (as directed by the Board) are met and that visitor’s information material in the lobby of the chamber office is constantly updated and stocked.

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