Business of the Week – New Program

There are many benefits to supporting your local Chamber of Commerce. Membership provides you with networking, advocacy, growth, opportunity, and credibility. One of the most important aspects of your business success is your visibility. Consumers consider visibility equal to credibility. If consumers don’t know who is, they won’t choose your business. Visibility is an investment

Surviving the Business Holiday Slump

The Holiday season is here. Life is busy with family, work and community parties galore. This busy season can have a major impact on your revenue.  Businesses need to be creative to find ways to attract consumers during the holiday slump. 1.           Use the downtime to Brainstorm When we are happy, we are more creative,

Building your Business Brand

There is a strange idea that by joining the local Chamber of Commerce that it is the magic solution to making money and will bring customers running through the doors. Chamber’s offer many advantages to businesses, networking, mailing list, sponsorship and marketing opportunities to assist you in building your brand. However, you as the businesses

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a continual challenge all businesses experience. It is costly for businesses in both time and training. Currently, in the Magic Valley, we have an all-time low unemployment rate of 2.2%. Employees can move from job to job as they seek the best fit, the best pay and the best benefits. Here are

8 Ways to Super-serve Consumers

eBay and Amazon first launched online shopping in 1995. For the past 23 years, retailers have been struggling against a retail Apocalypse.  They have been forced to change at an unprecedented pace to try to keep up with the online shopping trend. We have seen small businesses and big box stores close their doors. All

How to Increase Revenue

Last week we discussed the importance of having charitable contributions built into your business plan and how sponsoring events through the Chamber of Commerce or other community events help to bring awareness to your business. In today’s economy individuals, families and businesses have all pinched the pennies and cut back.  As our economy climbs its