Being a Great Coworker

Our lives are built on relationships. Relationships with partners, family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. We spend more time with coworkers than anyone else. The average full-time employee will work about it 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year which adds up to over 2000 hours. Having a harmonious workplace makes going to work enjoyable.

Inspiring others

Stop and think about a person who has inspired you. What traits did they have? Honesty, integrity, confidence, good communicator, accountability, creativity, empathy, resilience, humility, vision. When I think of leaders who have inspired me, I think of the humble individuals that accepted me, made me feel valued, taught me and challenged me. My favorite

Social Media Responsibility

Gone are the days of moving away and losing touch with friends. We can stay connected as never before. I have lived in two countries, five states and two provinces. Social media has provided a way to reconnect with people whom I had lost contact with over the years. Social media is integrated into nearly

Grade A Leadership

When we hear the word ‘grade’ we think in terms of school, what scholastic accolades did you receive, was your GPA a 4.0, where you a beta-Cappa something? While researching this topic I came across a variety of information, some were humorous where children were asked what a leader was. In an article that

What is Success?

Each week, as I think about what I could write about that, will help not only businesses but also the employees, my mind kept going to the word ‘success’ and what it means. By definition, the dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. With that definition, success means different things to

Soft Work Skills

Keeping an UpToDate resume is a challenging task, especially if you have been in the same position for five or more years. The layout and content of resumes like everything else continue to change and evolve. One of the key things to add to today’s resumes is a list of skills. The skills needed are

Top Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs

There is not a shortage of information on how to be successful in business. We have endless books and resources providing tips on how to succeed. Many of the solutions are timeless. The challenges business owners face has not changed, the tools and how we approach things have changed with technology. Cash Flow Management Cash

Building Great Work Relationships

One of the trends for 2020 is the need to rebuild relationships and this includes workplace friendships. To cope with rejection in the workplace, it is important to have a good social network. This means we need face-to-face contact, not just social media comments and likes. Most people spend most of their awake hours with

Rejection in the workplace

One thing all successful entrepreneurs have learned is how to cope with rejection. In the workplace, everyone faces rejection. There will always be more ‘no’s’ before you receive a ‘yes’. In the book “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink, he says that people are spending about 40% of our time at work engaged in