Multi-generational workforce communication

Our segments of multi-generational work place have been about understanding the different generations for better communication and creating a better work environment for all generations. Each generation has great skills and talents that benefit companies and co-workers.  Traditionalist 1900 – 1940 5% of workforce Duty before pleasure Hard worker Loyal Fiscally prudent Task oriented Trust

Millennial’s in the Work Force – Segment 2

In our previous segment about multi-generational work places we discussed millennial’s and bridging the communication barrier. We covered the value and learning opportunities that comes from failure as we will not always be successful at everything we do. We also discussed the need for transparency and to not overstep a supervisor or managers authority. Today

Millennial’s in the work force – Segment 1

We humans tend to put labels on everything. We identify ourselves by the labels we are given or give ourselves. The same with millennial’s, not all millennial’s in today’s workforce fit the stereotype they have been given. I have personally worked with a handful of millennial’s’, they bring a freshness and new perspective to the

Chamber Membership ROI

In the past 5 years I have worked for a chamber of commerce in two different states. The communities are different but the one thing in common is the misunderstanding of what a Chamber of Commerce does and how being a member can help the businesses and its employees.  Any marathoner will tell you that to succeed you

Make your Contacts Count

  Anyone can learn how to make small talk into smart talk. Networking is the deliberate process of exchanging information, resources, and support to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional success. When you are at a Chamber Business After Hours, Luncheon or professional conference remember to ENGAGE E = Establish Eye Contact Be

‘Soft’ Chamber Benefits

We have spent a lot of time over the past weeks discussing networking skills. There are many ‘soft’ benefits that the Chamber offers businesses. These benefits are difficult to put a monetary value to. For example In the month of July: The chamber Facebook page reached almost 4000 people with almost 900 engagements. Meaning almost

Increasing your Visibility

Last week’s message was about not being a shadow on the wall, how to break into networking experiences successfully. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a community, being visible allows you to make a name for yourself and enhance your credibility with people who count even before you meet. The best way

Shadows on the Wall

Let’s face it too many people entering a networking situation alone or for the first few times can be intimidating. Most people’s natural tendency is to be invisible, hide in the shadows or stand by the wall. The reality is that business success whether you’re the owner, manager or employee depends on networking for new

Building Successful Business Relationships

If you have not had the opportunity to tune into the weekly Chamber Chats on both the BUCK FM and la perrona we visit about various Chamber related topics. Networking is one of the benefits of membership. There is often a misconception of what ‘networking’ is. Let’s discuss why attending networking events are important to your